Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump. Let me tell you a story of King David put in my vernacular..  There once was mighty ruler. He might even have styled himself a king.   He was the most powerful man in the world.  He had had many wives. The latest had just given him a son.  He was out on his veranda one day hosting a party. He noticed a vision of beauty flouting her best.  He was smitten.  He lusted for her in his heart.   He forgot his wife and child.  He chased his latest sex toy around and around and had his way with her.  His country was fighting a war, several in fact.  He needlessly sent young men and women to their deaths for his personal satisfaction.  His adultery was discovered and hidden by his flunkies.  One day his most intimate counselor came and told him a story.  He told him of a very rich man who took a poor shepherds prize lamb and cooked it for himself and his friends.  The King was incensed.  He decreed the vile rich man should be punished.  His trusted counselor said, ‘You are that Man.”  The king wanted the secret kept, so with a wink and a not, the counselor paid off the wicked working woman and all was well… Until the counselor named Cohen realized God and the law could punish him for his perfidy.  So, he announced to the world… The King is the Man.’  Some were astonished and sickened.  Others, with too much to lose, turned up their noses and mumbled ‘boys will be boys.’  God was not pleased.  God wanted to forgive the King… but the King refused to acknowledge his sin.  Sad.  President Trump…. You Are That Man….  Double SAD.  011618.

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