Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump.  In my weaker moments you simply wear me down.  The steady stream of lies, obfuscation, half-truths and bombastic bullying begin to overwhelm the senses and my sensibilities.  I remember listening to some of your promises with faint glimmers of hope (maybe it won’t be quite as bad as I fear it will be….)  More jobs, no reductions in Food Stamps, Medicaid or Medicare, draining the Washington swamp.  But I see alligators and crocodiles swimming up the newly invigorated Potomac swamp.  Wife abusers are praised and defended without letting ‘due process’ run its course.  Bait and switch tactics are the order of the day with Congress and the American people.  Corporations throw thousands of dollars to the crowds to cover the billions of dollars gleaned from outrageous increases in the national debt.  “Privatization” is the watchword.  $46 beltway tolls are the new ‘soak it to the public’ scam.  Out here in backwards Oregon we don’t have toll roads, though I hear you want to change that.  You punish children and the elderly, the disabled and minorities in your new budget.  One is tempted to let despair wash over me and give up the struggle.  Indeed, the battle for the heart and soul of our nation may be lost.  But, even your Lord Jesus when confronted with the horrors of corrupt and greedy leadership said in the vernacular of his time…. ‘Bring it On’ And they did… they crucified him.  But it didn’t stop his love of anyone in need.  And you will not stop many of us.  We believe justice and mercy will prevail.  We will work for the ‘good’ locally even if we despair nationally.  God Bless you Mr. President.  God give you a changed heart, a renewed spirit and a transformed love of God and human beings.  I pray. 021418.

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