Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump.  Trying to know my enemy better, I was watching some of your old campaign videos.  You are indeed an impressive motivator.  But I keep coming up against one of your biggest crowd-pleasing moments.  “Who’s going to build the wall”?  You call out like on old time preacher. And the response come rolling in, “Mexico” “Mexico” “Mexico.”  And in some of your speeches you cap it with, “That’s right, Mexico is going to pay for it, 100%…100 %… 100%.”  You stand there clapping for yourself and the crowd and everyone is loving it.  The problem with promises, my enemy, is that some people actually expect you to keep them.  Now we find out that the mighty Mexicans have defeated you utterly.  We American tax payers are going to pay for your wall.  I can hardly wait for the current generation of “Great Escape” movies with the Mexican Steve McQueen jumping the wall in his motorcycle, or the Guatemalan Charles Bronson rowing around it in a boat, or the Honduran James Garner flying over it, all of them thumbing their noses at your hubris and your failure.  But your broken promises to voters are nothing compared to the broken promises you have made to God.  May God forgive you.  May God change your heart.  May God open your mind to acts of justice, compassion, yes, even mercy for all people but especially for all those in pain around the world who desperately look to the United States for help and hope but instead find bloated greed and economic slavery.   020318

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