Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump.  From your speeches and actions I intuit you believe in catch phrases, popular put downs, both spreading and condemning Fake News as you see fit.  You scare us with horrible omens and portents of what will happen in the future if you are not obeyed.  Further you align yourself with a very conservative brand of the Christian Religion.  True believers in the literal interpretation of the bible have been invited to pray with you.  Those of us who can read, have listened to the scare tactics of conservative religious experts about signs of the end times.  Numerology is practiced in many forms to prove the correctness of their predictions and the coming bad times for all except the elect of God.  As you know, the book of Revelation mentions many numbers that predict the future.  None is more terrible or feared than the number 666, the mark of the beast… the epitome of horrible judgement to come on unrepentant sinners.  Many are taught to fear that number and suspect it implies the hastening of the end of the world.  Beware Mr. President.  The number has appeared ominously.  As you tout the wonderful American economy, many of your supporters look to warnings of ‘the end.’  Well here it is.  Recently, the stock market fell precipitously in one day.  Not a problem many say except it fell by exactly 666 points.  Beware Mr. President… those who live by sound bites, dire predictions and catch phrases may see a glimpse of your true nature in of all things… the stock market numbers.  Are you a disciple of Jesus Christ, as you claim?  Or are you something else…?  Many of us hold you in prayers and wonder.  020218.


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