Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump. Like a shriveled old miser you let children starve and go without education. You smugly smile for the camera at your American Caesarea by the Mar, as seniors die from lack of food, shelter and medical care. You turn away refugees at the gate… or in your case, the ‘wall’. You are content to watch them drown from overcrowded boats or die of thirst in the desert or be raped and tortured at home by puppets you prop up. All the while you and your fellow ‘Cows of Bashan’ count your coins and wrap yourself in rotting pseudo patriotism and marvelous new tax codes. Your lies disgust me. Your words barely disguise your pride and greed as your wispy hair too often reveals the reality beneath. And yet God loves you. Why? Why? Why? My hunch is because long after we mortals give up on seeing any evidence of genuine Christian acts towards those in need… minorities, students, men and women without adequate or meaningful work… God still has hope for you. God loves you… and, on my good days, I am trying to Love you too.

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