Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump.  Happy New Year.  May God love and bless and keep you.  May God guide you in paths of justice, compassion and generosity towards the most vulnerable people of the world.  May God grant you wisdom and strength and healing especially the healing of your fears and insecurities.  Our nation needs you wise and strong and clear of heart and mind.  Even as my enemy, I know it is not my job to hate you or despise you.  As I try to love you, I have no need to be mean, nor crude, nor spiteful.  But as I would my own children, love binds me to you in the continuing effort to be our best selves.  As Christians, we are judged by our actions. My goal, with you, as it was with my children, is to make us both better humans.  While love dictates that I not be cruel or mean or nasty in my words and actions, love also guides me “in paths of righteousness.”  Love pushes, prods me, haunts me.  Yes, I am commanded to love you.  But, the goal of that love is to make you a better person, a better president.  The goal of love is to cajole, encourage, yes, even demand you fulfill your duty to the poor and oppressed, the minorities and refugees, the sick and the hungry.  That, then is my goal… to help you fulfill God’s command to you… to love.  01 01 18.

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