Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump. Merry Christmas. I was feeling all nice and warm and fuzzy after an amazing Christmas Eve service. It balanced God’s love for us with our reflecting that love by caring for the poor and oppressed and elderly and children. All week I have been sharing happy holidays or merry christmas with all sorts of people of faith, many of them with different faith traditions than mine. They respect my faith. I respect theirs. Never, ever have I not been proud and equally humbled by my ability to say merry christmas. Yet you tweet I am proud once again to say merry christmas. Makes me wonder if you have been to church lately. Or maybe you should read the constitution where it guarantees I am free to express my religious beliefs. Or are you simply inflaming a religious war for your own political gain. I pray not. I pray in the year to come you spend less time golfing and more time praying lest you forget who and whose you are. I am reminded of the preacher asked by Lyndon Johnson to pray at a formal dinner. The preacher prayed quietly over the meal. LBJ loudly commanded the preacher, “speak up, I can’t hear you.” To which the preacher replied, excuse me Mr. President, but I wasn’t praying to you. Merry Christmas Mr. President.

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