Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump.  I recently asked you, if the economy is doing so well according to you, why do we have to improve it by giving tax breaks to the rich???…so we can make our country “Great” …again???  Besides heaping trillions in debt onto the backs of my grandchildren you wanted to end heating assistance to the poor and elderly.  Thankfully, even the Republican Congress couldn’t agree and the funding was kept.  But, one has to ask, why do you hate people who aren’t rich bullies?  What possible understanding of being Christian would prompt you to cut health care, heating support, even simply adequate food, for people in need.  I might see the twisted logic if you were the Rat Master conducting a grand experiment.  I could even follow the base desire for money, sex and power.  But there is a wicked cruelty to your actions and words that goes far beyond needing earthly pleasures and rewards.  Your identity as a rich, powerful, irresistible plutocrat seems to depend on grinding less rich, powerful, irresistible people under your golf shoes.  I pray you literally have a change of heart.  I pray that God, who too often appears to have abandoned those not rich, guides you in paths of justice, mercy, even grace.  I pray for a miracle.  12 28 17.

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