Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump.  I stopped working as a prosecutor over 30 years ago.  No one is as rusty at legal knowledge and procedure than I am.  When people make the mistake of asking me for legal advice on a current issue, I am clear that what I am best used for, is grounds for malpractice.  I am also aware that one of the more long range and sinister acts of your presidency is the number of unqualified people, mostly men, you are appointing to our nations courts.  Dear God, even in my legal indolence I could answer questions put by congress better than your candidates for federal courtships.  And your inane response is, “…well if they are unqualified, then it is your (congress’) job to disqualify them.”  How lazy and stupid can you get?  Yes, I am angry.  No, I am not feeling the love right now.  You are worse than an enemy.  You are a rich buffoon.  What business executive, ever, nominates unqualified people for key positions and expects regulators to weed out his abominable choices.  To love an honorable and well intentioned, if misguided, enemy is far easier than loving a bully.  Maybe that’s the problem.  To me, you are my enemy.  But to you, I am nothing, not even worthy of a thought let alone being treated as an enemy.  I am economic cannon fodder.  You challenge me to question God, what is an enemy?  Is there something lower, more despicable than an enemy.  I pray for you tonight.  I pray for all of your victims too. 12 10 17.

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