Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump.  How do you handle losing?  Are you gracious in defeat? Do you fuss and fume and try to blame others?  King David was exposed for adultery with Bathsheba after arranging her husband’s murder.  He ‘manned up’, ( a male euphemism for taking responsibility for failure or stupid, sinful acts).  He admitted his mistakes and evil acts.  When confronted with God’s judgement that his and Bathsheba’s baby would die as punishment, he prayed hard for mercy for his child.  When the child died, he accepted it, comforted Bathsheba and tried to do better in God’s eyes.  How will you react now that Roy Moore lost?  I pray you will you be gracious and work to heal political wounds.  I pray you will work hard for the good of the poor, the minorities, the oppressed, the sexually abused in our nation.  I pray you will take this opportunity to acknowledge your mistakes and do better.  God loves you President Trump.  God desires the best from you.  Frankly, God has more faith in you than I do.  That is my cross to bear.  12 12 17.

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