Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump.  Are you tired of me yammering at you?  I’m tired of yammering.  Truth to tell, I am sure you neither know or care about me.  I would love to quit yammering.  I would love to move to Hawaii and forget about you… or at least hate you from a distance.  But Jesus says, love you, my enemy.  Questions arise.  How do I love someone who 1. Doesn’t know me.  2. I don’t like.  3. I definitely don’t want to love?  4. I think is one of the most evil people on earth????  Come to think of it, why don’t I just quit doing this?  I’ll go my way, you go yours.  Except… except… it doesn’t work that way.  Your bigotry, your racism, your greed, your craving for money, sex and power, your infantile ego…shall I go on… You stand in violation of every commandment Roy Moore claims to cherish.  Yet we Christians are commanded to love one another.  I pray for grace and strength for both of us.  I pray you help rich people like yourself help the poor, the immigrant, the addicted, the foreigner, what Jesus calls “the least of these.” Indeed, I pray for us both.  Perhaps that is the beginning of love.

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