Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump.  I must admit many failures in my goal to follow Jesus by loving my enemies, especially you.  Perhaps if I knew you better, I could love you more.  Perhaps not.  Perhaps if I knew Jesus better, I could love you more.  An intriguing idea.  Perhaps if I knew myself better, I would love you more.  Meh!!!  What I have discovered in this project is that I suck at loving my enemies.  Corrrie Ten-Boom told a great story once.  A victim of Nazi concentration camps, she was shaking hands with folks who came to hear her story of suffering and faith.  Next in line she recognized one of her former concentration camp guards.  He stuck out his hand to shake hers.  She prayed in that moment that if God wanted her to shake the man’s hand, then God would have to do it.  She could not.  Slowly, to her surprise, without volition, she watched her hand go up, shake the former guards hand, and marveled at what God had just done.  Moral???  By myself, I may not do these things I should,  but with God, anything is possible.  Remember that, my enemy.  Remember that even in our failures, God may do a miracle.  We can only pray for it and act to make it so.

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