Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump.  The longer we have this relationship, the more I meditate on how to love you even if I consider you my enemy.  To love someone is to help them not make mistakes… to care that they do the best they can in all situations.  I believe you enjoy keeping people off balance.  It’s part of your method.  But, I fear you also believe your persona as a bully.  You appear at times to play the buffoon.  Is it because you are a buffoon, or a truly masterful bully?  I fear your talent for manipulating some may convince you that you can manipulate anyone.  Dear enemy, not everyone is as dumb or gullible as you assume.  You make inane comments on the world stage such as, “I never knew we had so many countries.”  That’s a comment I made in the third grade. It may be a bad joke, but to many it’s a sign of your being a buffoon.  I pray you represent our country well, with honor, intelligence and compassion.  I pray others care for and respect you and trust you to lead with integrity.  I pray that, in your pride and persona as a bully, you are not played by world leaders smarter and more capable than you are.  Be better, my enemy.  We are at your mercy.

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