Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump. Somebody blinked.  When your defenses are up, you bluff and bully your way through almost any situation… and brag about it later.  But your vulnerability peeks through every once in a while.  You want to be feared, respected even loved.  So, without thinking or taking good advice, you cater to your son’s sporting addiction and allow hunters to kill and bring elephant parts into the country.  The rich, of course, need their trophies  Who would object to a little upper class fun  Turns out, a lot of us care about animals, especially endangered animals.  Especially, we care about social animals that may be smarter than many humans.  So, you back down.  As you have backed down before under pressure. Every once in a while, you blink.  I pray it is because of a growing sensitivity and compassion on your part.  I pray you hear the voices of the people your policies will harm, even kill.  I fear that, for you, it is just fear that rules your actions.  And that, my enemy makes you especially dangerous.  I pray for those hurt by your actions.  I pray for you.

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