Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump.  As my enemy and a fellow Christian, let’s talk bible for a minute.  Ever hear of the ‘Cows of Bashan.’  Amos talks about them.  He was a prophet.  He castigated the “C of B” for oppressing the poor and crushing the needy, all to make themselves rich and comfortable.  Their particular hypocrisy was claiming purity and innocence because all of their cruelty towards others was done by underlings and spouses and representatives.  They claimed to be Godly while doing the ugliest things by proxy.  I think the 1% of richest Americans are the modern ‘Cows of Bashan.’  “They sell the innocent for silver, and the needy for a pair of shoes.”  “They trample on the heads of the poor.”  “…(they) turn justice into bitterness and cast righteousness to the ground…and detest the one who tells the truth.”  With Amos, let us pray, “let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever flowing stream.” I know I’m getting a little preachy here.  But it’s the price we pay as we struggle to love one another… to call each other to account… to love God and ourselves and each other.  Pray with me Mr. President… for all our sakes.

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