Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump.  I understand you are now supporting and believing Roy Moore after campaigning against him.  If he loses, you may lose politically, Big Time.  You, of course, know what it is to be accused of things you have bragged about, and later deny them… and expect to be believed.  At least now, many of Roy Moore’s and your supporters are coming clean about their ignoring immorality and cruelty towards women for political expediency.  As a Christian, my President and my enemy, you of all people should be familiar with the Ten Commandments Mr. Moore espouses so energetically.  You are, I assume, familiar with the rules of our faith that include, no worship of idols, no covetousness, no bearing false witness and that biggie for so many people no adultery.  There are others we can cover later, but let’s not lose our focus.  You appear to be compromising your Christian morals for political advantage.  I pray this is not so.  I pray you have a shred of integrity left.  I pray your Christian morals prevail over your greed and desire for power and adulation.  Simply put, I pray you do the right thing.  Rest assured, God loves you.  That does not mean God approves of your evil, bullying ways.

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