Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump.  In late November you tweeted, “The only people who don’t like the Tax Cut Bill are the people that don’t understand it or the Obstructionist Democrats…”  I freely admit, I don’t understand it.  People I trust and respect tell me it takes money from the poor and middle class and gives money to the rich.  Very unbiblical.  My dad used to play a game.  He would ask us for a dime and give us a bigger coin, a nickel.  We were thrilled, because we didn’t understand.  You promise us tax breaks and take away even more money in eliminating deductions, Medicaid, Medicare, and food for children.  If true, I do understand.  You are a bully and a con-man.  You take from the poor and give to the rich.  Almost makes me want to believe in Robin Hood.  Maybe we should cry out for Superman.  You know, ‘Truth, Justice, and the American way.”  But the American way has little to do with Truth and Justice these days.  Instead, you flim-flam dollars from taxpayers and give us pennies in tax breaks.  Even as a kid, the laughter of my father told me something was wrong.  Time will tell.  A reckoning will come.  Some call it judgement.  Because I am commanded to love you, I pray for grace and forgiveness and justice… for you… for me… for all those who will suffer under your new tax plan. I pray and I act

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