Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear Mr. President.  I noticed your latest tweet about NFL players kneeling in respectful protest of our country’s treatment of Americans of color.  You accuse them of “showing total disrespect for our Flag & Country.”  Yet protestors carrying Confederate and even Nazi flags you have deemed “Some very fine people….”  Let me introduce you to an ancient yet relevant Christian term:  Hypocrite.  My ancestors opposed slavery and confederate sedition.  My father and my father-in-law served in the war against the Nazis.  Your hypocrisy shames you and it pours dishonor on those who fought and died in service to our flag and country.  My father spent his entire life in defense of the freedom of speech guaranteed in our constitution.  You would fritter that away for the sake of political theater.  May God forgive you for the shame and dishonor you have showered on our nation and our citizens.  May God open your eyes to the difference between honest disagreement and protest… and your self-aggrandizing and malicious puffery.  May God love you, my enemy, and teach me what to do in the midst of my own personal pain and disgust.

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