Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump.  Like you, I pray for the victims of gun violence in Texas and elsewhere.  I am also praying for you.  Prayer by itself is hollow piety… an insult to God.  We must act.  I will act to stop my enemies even as I beg God to teach me how to love you/them.  Small beginnings… I will vote against you and those who support you.  I will contribute and work to support the poor and oppressed… the “least of these.”  Remember them?  I will pray for you, my enemy, even as I act to stop your heinous war on minorities, workers and those innocents who believe your lies.  May I suggest some readings?  Jeremiah.  Amos.  Amazing prophets who have a lot to say about leaders who lie and who, with their flunkies, profit from corruption, immorality and greed.  Don’t worry, even if you don’t read your bible regularly, I will gladly share some highlights from time to time.  My favorite metaphor is Amos’ condemnation of the “Cows of Bashan.”  Look ‘em up.  The cows by the way are stand=ins for indolent rich people who claim moral purity when they use others to abuse the poor and needy.  Praying for you

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