Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump. We Christians insist confession is good for the soul. It is also an integral part of receiving forgiveness for our sins. Forgiveness implies we recognize we have something we need to be forgiven. I know this may be complicated for you. I seem to remember you stated once that you have nothing to be forgiven for. Which makes your claim about Al Franken either weird or hypocritical when you tweeted, “And to think that just last week he (Sen. Franken) was lecturing anyone who would listen about sexual harassment and respect for women.” The issue being, Al Franken, when confronted, admitted his failings and agreed to full disclosure. You on the other hand, deny, stonewall, lie and obfuscate… anything but ‘confess.’ While it may be great politics, it reveals your moral bankruptcy. I pray God heals the evil in your heart. I pray you make amends for all of your ‘sins.’ If your addiction is sexual, the twelve step program has a great idea. Step 4 may be particularly appropriate for you right now. “Make a fearless and searching moral inventory of ourselves.” I pray you can do that. We can pray over the other steps as we go along. Remember, even if no one else loves you, God does. And I am trying.

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