Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump. Loving you is getting harder and harder every day. Even the attempt is becoming the most depressing part of my life. Ever hear of the ‘Confessing Church?’ A group of German Christians banded together to oppose the sellout by many churches to Hitler’s Third Reich. Seems the pro-Nazi churches twisted themselves into theological pretzels trying to cater to an evil dictator who had wrapped himself in legal ‘democratic’ flags. I lament the actions of those churches who sold out to greed, power and expediency. I find cold comfort (but at least some comfort) in the actions of the “Confessing Church.” They tried every means they could to stop the takeover of their country by facists, racists and greedy warmongering elites. Many paid a heavy price. But we honor them today for their courage and commitment to immigrants, racial and religious minorities, and for standing up to the Bully named Hitler. I am not comparing you to Hitler. Yet. And even if I did, it would not automatically wash away our mutual commitment to Christ and his command to love our enemies. I pray for those churches in our country who have sold out to your crass program of monochromatic bullying the world and helpless Americans…. In an echo of your harsh vernacular, I pray you ‘grow a pair’ and do the right, the good, the compassionate thing towards ALL of your citizens.

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