Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump.  I appreciate your political savvy in hammering away at your “America First” theme.  It plays well among the voters.  It puts money in your pockets.  It builds your ego.  Being rich you can pretty much ignore anyone who disagrees with you, including leaders of other countries.  You pull out of trade organizations.  You threaten war.  You let other countries pay our share of climate change research funds. (thank you Mr. Macron).  Our teacher, Jesus, taught us ‘where two or more are gathered together, there I will be.”  Mr. Trump, we live in community, local community and world community.  To assume you can bully the world with the same disdain, cruelty and ego you ran your businesses and your TV show is both dangerous and stupid.  You are not a stupid man… but many of your actions stoop to that level and worse.  Where should we begin our prayers today?  I pray your heart knows and shares compassion, justice, and mercy, especially towards the vulnerable 99%. I pray you know peace and love in your own heart.

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