Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump. Pat Robertson (whom I almost never quote) said today, ‘Where there is no vision of God, the people run amok.” He said it in the context of a rich white man running amok in Las Vegas for no discernable reason other than the love of killing people with high powered, ‘people killing’ weapons. He said we have a profound disrespect for you, our President. I am trying to respect you sir. Heck, I’m trying to love you. But I do have some questions. Do you have a vision of God? What is it? I pray most sincerely that God give you a clear and compassionate vision. I pray that you hear the collective voices of the Prophets crying out for justice, mercy and service to the poor and needy. I pray you will see the love of God weaving its way through Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Mohammed, Gandhi, Mother Theresa, Mary, Martha, Anne Frank and Rosa Parks, and yes, so many others. I pray you follow that vision of God… Otherwise it may be you running amok. Sad, for I haven’t finished my life course in how to love you, yet.Top of FormBottom of Form

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