Dear President Trump

Loving My Enemy

Dear President Trump.  I may have been a little snarky these last few days.  For that, I ask forgiveness.  Still trying to get used to this intentional love my enemy thing. Usually I just sneer at or mock those I consider my enemy.  Loving them/you requires a whole new skill set.  Didn’t teach me much about that in Sunday school or seminary… and certainly not in law school.  Noticed today that while your administration wants all social media contacts on some people, the Secret Service at the same time says they don’t keep records on Mar-a-Lago visitors you have.  Again, you are stretching my credulity.  It’s a matter of national security to track social media of some, while not a security issue to track who is or wants contact with you, the President.  My sense is either the Secret Service is amazingly incompetent and/or ignorant, or you have something to hide from the public.  Oh, and let’s not even get into denying birth control coverage for millions of Americans….in the name of religious freedom.   Please pray for me.  I will continue praying for you..  Blessings…

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